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Ann Williams Pom Purse Kit

(Ann Williams $16.99)

Anything but instantaneous, the Pom Purse kit is an unusual craft kit that comes with a pre-made canvas clutch. You can draw a pattern on it and then (with adult assist) put an adhesive coat on one side of the purse. Now you’re ready to place the dozens of tiny pom-poms on the surface of the bag. Once the deed is done (an adult assist again) the adhesive is activated by ironing the inside of the bag. Ooops! Almost forgot, braid the yarn that comes with the kit to make a shoulder strap and attach it the loops on the bag. This is a kit that calls for fine motor skills, patience as the pom-poms are placed, and adult help. It’s marked 6 and up but even with help with the ironing, we think the fine work needed for this make this more suitable for 8’s and up.

Ages: Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2016

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