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Gamewright Skiwampus—The Full-Tilt Brain Game

(Gamewright $17.99)

Deal out twelve diamond shaped cards to each player and put three challenge chips in the middle of the table. Chips have challenges such as even numbers, sum of 21, all colors. At the start of the round players choose a task on one of the challenge chips and quickly as possible try to complete the task by arranging the tips of the diamond cards that match the challenge. As soon as the cards are arranged, the player puts his challenge chip on his cards and it cannot be disturbed. But watch out! Another player can be working on the same challenge and if she’s faster, she may get to keep that arrangement. Winner needs to out-maneuver other players by being quick to spot the colors, numbers or patterns, since everyone plays at once. At the end of three rounds, players count the pips on the rim of the chips they have claimed. Whoever has the highest score wins. A fast-paced math game to sharpen visual perception and math skills. For 2-6 players, Approx 15 minutes. 10 & up.

Ages: Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2016

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