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Seedling DIY Black and White Tote Bag

(Seedling $39.99)

Unlike so many craft kits that kids basically just color, this is a lovely do-it- yourself craft set with quality materials that kids can assemble into a unique creation. This one comes with a nice canvas tote bag plus three different black and white fabrics with zig-zag, hounds-tooth and polka-dot patterns. There are two kinds of black and white ribbons, two black wooly pom-poms, white craft glue and an assortment of glitter glue. The directions are clear and simple, telling kids to cover the work area over and to sketch their designs before they begin. It also tells them they will have to let things dry, preferably over night. So this is not an instantaneous deal. There is no one-way to copy and do. One thing that does not come with the kit and that is a scissors for cutting fabric. They’ll need that and possibly some help in learning to cut fabric, if they have not done so before. We think tween will like being able to use the finished product after they have had the fun of designing it. Marked 5-12, we’d tweens will have more success with this.

Ages: Tweens, Teens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2016

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