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Creativity for Kids Butterfly Fairy Lights

Decorate the butterflies and flowers with glitter fist and let them dry. Next load the batteries into the underside of the base and then use the clay, fairy dust, and gemstones to decorate the base inside the stand. Now comes the assembly. First bury the end of the twinkle light wire in the base and now you are ready to add the butterflies and flowers. There is no right or wrong way…only be sure to space them out. Kids may need help fastening the flowers and butterflies. Carefully load the wire into the dome and fasten it on the base. That’s the whole thing! Makes a nice night light —jiggle it a little and the twinkle lights wiggle. 7 and up

Ages: Older Early School, Young Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2018

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