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Gamewright Splurt!

(Gamewright $9.99)

Think fast! Name something sweet with one syllable! Not candy...not ice about Jam? Right! You get the card. Can you name a song that ends with "e"? How about an animal with five letters? Players draw a pink card and read the challenge, then turn the card to the black side for the rest of the challenge. First player to shout the answer keeps the card. Or play a two person game. Play until all the cards are gone or for shorter rounds, set a goal of how many cards win. With a mixed aged crowd you could play this one cooperatively as teams. It's a lively game that involves flexible thinking and grammatical terms that kids know but may not use. A kind of trivia game based on words rather than pop culture. Comes with 100 cards. 10 & up.

Ages: Tweens, Teens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2020

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