Craft-tastic All About Me Empower Flower

(Ann Williams $16.99)

We watched this being made and it’s an attractive craft kit that combines several skills, First there are decisions to be made as the “petals” are arranged around the center of the flower. There are shiny foil and holographic strips, some longer some shorter. Spacing them and choosing what goes where is part of the crafty decision making. Then the center of the flower gets decorated with shapes and foil confetti and covered with a dome. Next come the words on stickers that your crafty child chooses to add to the petals, words that she feels describe her unique self. No two of these kits are apt to be finished in the same way, but they do give kids a chance to think about themselves and make a statement that may or may not surprise you. The final creation can be displayed in her room. Years and years ago, I recall Stephanie making a similar project with a tall jar that was filled with water and glitter and words she chose to describe herself, cut from magazines and newspapers and pasted on. It would be hard to find enough magazines these days with words for such a project, but as I recall it was a meaningful work of art and self expression. We think this kit with the precut strips would do the same for today’s tweens and teens.

Ages: Tweens and Teens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2021

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