We are delighted to announce the Best Toys in the Tween & Teen Category for 2019. These toys have been awarded our top honor, the  Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award

Many tweens and most teens will tell you they're done with toys, so to find games and activities that pull them off their electronics—to take their eyes off those big and little screens,  is no easy task. Here are our favorites of the year!

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October 17, 2019

(Creativity for Kids $14.99)

No messy glue is needed to make very pretty gem studded stickers and sun catchers. The kit comes with a dozen holographic stickers and two larger sun catchers. A stylus, loaded with a tip full of wax, is used to pick up the little gemstones and place them on the stickers. This calls for fine motor skills and patience with rewarding payoff. Once they get the technique, it's an easy and pleasing proje...

October 17, 2019

(Gamewright $7.99)

Tuck this little tin of cards in your bag for a few quick rounds of fun. You’ll find four sets of cards, each with different colored dots. Each player gets one set or in a two player game, each players get two sets. Players take turns putting cards down in a grid, no wider or higher than six cards. Players can put their card on top of any card with fewer dots. The object is to be the first to get four in a ro...

September 16, 2019

(Tech Will Save Us $96 on Kickstarter; $159 thereafter)

We’ve seen a slew of coding toys this season and many of them involve robots that will appeal to younger techies. This is quite a departure. Although it looks like a futuristic light peg board, it's really a platform for learning how to code, working with an iOS app. Kids learn to program games using guided lessons.  Several games come pre configured, but can be customized...

September 12, 2019

(eeBoo $19.99)

Living things from land, sea and air of our Beautiful World are scattered over this challenging 100-piece puzzle. All the illustrations by artist and naturalist, Kelsey Oseid, are labeled by name, which may help puzzlers find connecting pieces. It’s definitely not easy, but right on for the next level up. The pieces are fairly large and the finished puzzle will be 18 X 27 inches big, so give kids a good-sized tab...

September 11, 2019

(Creativity for Kids $19.99)

A big round loom that is like your old horse rein spool loom...only so much better! Instead of the long and almost useless rope of knitted wool, this giant loom produces a "tube" shaped piece of knitting that can be turned into a hat kids can knit and wear! This is one of those new twists on a classic craft. The kit comes with rainbow colored yarn and two soft fuzzy pom-poms that can be attached. Th...

September 11, 2019

(eeBoo  $19.95)

On this 100th anniversary of the suffragette’s victory, it seems appropriate to celebrate women’s right to vote. The diverse faces and names of some of those who led the struggle are illustrated on this handsome 500-piece round puzzle. It’s not easy, but a good choice for a family project. Set up a table where family members can stop and do a bit now and then until you gradually complete the task. Those faces mi...

September 3, 2019

(Creativity for Kids $35.00)

 For the ballerina or fan of fairy magic, this is a kit for designing a wardrobe of winged fashions. It comes with a Flower Fairy Mannequin, yards of netting for tutus, felt cut out bodices and sequins to add to make them glitter, flowers, ribbons, wings, and everything needed to assemble gossamer fairy dresses. These outfits will fit an 11” fashion doll. Although the directions are clear, younger g...

August 29, 2019

(Spinmaster $19.99)

A fascinating spinner that animates the 15 double sided art disks. Kids can color them with the markers, add stickers (also included. ) Kids can even put their own designs on the three blank disks. Now, dim the lights or better yet go into a dark room that has just a trace of light a watch as the disk spins and the light on the spinner flashes to animate the images. DON'T be fooled by the photo wo...

August 10, 2019

(LEGO $129.99)

A pirate ghost ship serves as the backdrop of this spooky amusement park! With a toy rollercoaster, chair swing carousel, ticket kiosk with turn style to get inside, game stalls and snack stalls. All five mini doll figures, Olivia, Emma, Stephanie, Zack and Chloe are included. It’s a challenging 1251-piece build, a top of the line set, that turns into a mini setting for lots of pretend play. 8 and up.

Ages: Tweens


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