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Janod Grand Prix Story Pop-Open Play Set Case

(Janod $49) Platinum Award

Pricey--but a most unusual puzzle that becomes a wonderful miniature play setting. Stored in a grandstand box that opens (and holds all the playing pieces) there is a 21-piece cardboard track that can be put together in many different shapes. In fact, there are drawings of some of the ways to do this that will challenge kids to experiment. You'll need to help your child get the cars out of the packaging and we suggest playing with this set on a flat surface so that the tracks stay together. Our testers like the open-endedness of the tracks that allows for variety. Once the track is assembled let the races begin. Four colorful little wooden racing cars with drivers ready to go come in this road and track set for young players 3 & up. Award Year: 2015.

Ages: Preschoolers

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