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Mudpuppy Feathery Friends Cardboard Tube Craft Kit

(Mudpuppy Press $19.99) Platinum Award

An interesting way to introduce kids to the craft of using cardboard tubes and turning them into imaginative peacocks, owls and other feathery friends. The kit comes with material for making cardboard roller bases, though kids will soon see the fun of using tubes found from toilet paper rollers and paper towels. Recycling is a big idea they can take away from this craft kit. But for immediate fun the 80+ pieces includes felt sheets, patterned papers, feathers, goggly eyes and self stick cardboard tubes all ready for designing. The kit does not include glue or scissors, but it's a safe bet you have both and probably better than the kind of scissors and glue that often comes in kits. Younger crafters will probably need your help with cutting the felt. The company also makes a tubes kit for making monsters (the kind and size kids can handle.) 6 & up.

Ages: Early School Years

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