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Zoomer Kitty, Midnight

(Zoomer $99.99) Platinum Award

Much like there are cat people and people who dislike cats (a lot), there seems to be the same divide for electronic kitties. We had a real difference of opinion here between families that found the purring annoying to families that loved the feistiness of Zoomer. For one, it was love at first sight for our first tester as Midnight, the magical kitty, showed off her tricks. Midnight comes with a magic wand that will catch her attention when you wave it in front of her and she turns her head from side to side. Her eyes also change color while you play, her way of letting you know how she’s feeling. (The red-eyes-I'm-not-happy look can be a bit scary to younger players.) Midnight has sensors in her head, cheeks and ears and will purr with pleasure, just like a real cat. Unlike the furry kind, she can sing, dance and do tricks on demand (she is less independent and purr-snickety than any real cat. She is also an allergy free pet. 5-10.

Ages: Early School, Tweens

Award Year:

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