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BigJigs Fire and Rescue Train Set

(BigJigs $69.99)

Firefighters are a big trend this season and this 39-piece wooden train set from Big Jigs is one of the solid choices. It centers on a fire station tunnel that the tracks run through on two levels. There are two firefighters, a free-standing fire truck, a three piece fire rescue train, road signs and a wonderful tree with a cat up on top that can be rescued with a ladder. There are enough tracks to make a figure eight layout with rises or a less complex track. Putting the tracks together in different ways is a kind of problem solving challenge. Avoid pasting them down on a play table that prevents them from being an open ended building material. For add-on extras, there is a Fire Station Shed with a heliport on top and doors that swing open. These extras make good presents for future gifting occasions and give new interest to the entire set. Although we know many parents bring these home to older two’s, please note that the figures and signs are dangerous for twos and even older preschoolers who still mouth their toys. They are marked three and up for safety.

Ages: Preschoolers

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