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Ann Williams Craft-Tastic Kindness Kit

A gift-making kit with 8 different projects to give to friends and family. Each project, wrapped in it’s own see thru paper, centers on the idea of being kind and caring—not a bad theme to focus on. The materials are pre-cut, but there is still plenty to be done. Among the projects are mini-paper flowers to make a bouquet, a Kindness Coupon booklet that can be custom designed with tasks to do for the recipient, a Ten Things I Like About You booklet that is also a custom designed project written for the recipient, A Kind Note Necklace, made of felt that must be assembled and stuffed with a hand made note, a mini-pom charm, a garland of hearts and notes, friendship bracelets, and mini-flags that say I Love You. With all the pre-cut pieces the finished projects will have a more finished look, that will no doubt please some young crafters, who, sadly, are super critical of their own efforts. This one is marked 6+, although few 6’s will be able to write such tiny messages to fit in the two booklets and will need help with tying the yearn on several of the projects. We think 8s and up will prefer these tasks and the idea of giving.

Ages: Early School, Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2016

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