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Sassy Fascination Roll Around

(Sassy $14.95)

This looks like a typical roll and chase toy that is always a hit for tots who are crawling. It does that and more! This one has lovely sounds from the beads that roll around inside the big wheels. But it doesn’t only roll forward and back, it has a wheel of four smaller spinners that invite small fingers to activate—spinners with high contrast black and white dots, one with ribbons, a purple and green one that splits in half and a red ladybug with black spots. By the way, the ladybug has a musical component built in and is further blessed with a switch that can turn the sound off, which is our preference. Put the toy on its side, polka-dot side down and it will wobble and rattle while the big beads inside the top wheel roll around; or put it on its wheels and send it for a spin. It can go rolling or turn round and round with a swipe of the hand. Easy to activate in multiple ways, this is a floor toy that matches your sitting up and crawling baby’s love of motion and motivates active play for both fine and large motor skills. 6-24 months.

Ages: 6-24 months

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2017

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