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Peaceable Kingdom Where’s Bear? Game

A set of six stacking and nesting blocks comes with this game designed for two-year-olds. Each of the blocks features a room or part of a home in pictures. The biggest block shows the many things found in the backyard; the next block features the playroom, next block has a kitchen, another has a living room, then a bedroom, and finally a bathroom. Each of the blocks includes multiple items to talk about and learn to know and name. The game also includes a small wooden painted Teddy Bear that can be hidden in a particular room. This is just one of several suggested games. First kids find what room Teddy is in and eventually they take turns by hiding Teddy. Each block has smaller illustrations on the top of the box. Once these are named, a second game suggests asking your toddler to find the object you point to on top of the box in one of the larger illustrations on the sides of the block. It’s a little visual matching game that will also reinforce knowing and naming. There are other games suggested, many of which will be for kids with more language than young twos are likely to have. This game is marked 2+ and we agree, especially with the plus part. We think that this will be more fun for 2.5 and up. Meanwhile the blocks will be fun to stack and knock over and talk about like a picture book.

Ages: toddlers, preschoolers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2017

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