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Ann Williams I Love Unicorns Kit

(Ann Williams $24.25)

Unicorns are hot right now, so this kit will be appealing to kids who like being trendy. The kit comes with six different projects that are totally do-able even by young crafters. A precut felt unicorn is ready to be stuffed and stitched together. Next comes the fun of making the unicorn a tail with a rainbow of colored yarns. There's a headband unicorn horns and ears that can be assembled into a headband and tiny pom-poms that are transformed into a key ring decoration for the backpack. There are dozens of colorful circles with patterns and glitter that get glued to a string for a delightful garland to decorate a room. And finally, there is a teeny tiny bottle of “unicorn magic” that can be turned into a necklace after you braid the yarn to hold it on your neck. Marked for 6 & up, but sixes will need help although they'll like doing some of these activities once they are shown how. It’s really a kit that most 8s and up will largely be able to do on their own.

Ages: Early School Years

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2017

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