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Blue Orange Rally Roll

There is an element of chance involved in this easy-to-learn dice game. There are six dice with different colors and numerals on each side. One die is larger than the others and the color that comes up on the big one rules. Players can score points for the sum of those that are the same color as the big die. They can keep rolling and gamble on scoring more points, or choose to bank the points on the score sheet...but watch out...if they choose to roll and have no dice that match the big die, all the points accumulated in that round of play are lost. First person to bank 50 points wins the game. It's a good take-along travel game to play while waiting for food to come in the restaurant. It comes with a drawstring bag to hold the dice and simple rules. The addition is simple since the numbers on the dice are 1-4. More math will be needed by the score keeper.

Ages: Late Early School, Young Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2017

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