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Skullduggery Perfect Craft Flower Garden

(Skullduggery $19.99)

We’ve had planting kits before and paint-a-planter kits, but this takes the two concepts to a new kind of combo. It comes with a plastic mold and materials to make a flowerpot as the first step in the process. After that comes the sanding and painting of inside and out of your handmade pot. Then, there's the planting and gardening part. The kit comes with enough material to make two pots as well as all the paint and planting material to make your windowsill garden of flowers grow. If you prefer herbs, the same kit comes as a Perfect Craft Herb Garden. Making the pots will call for supervision to be sure the casting material doesn’t end up in your sink or on your floor. That said, these kits combine the need for reading and following instructions, creative art, hands-on gardening and observation and care for a project that is not instantaneous. Several important skills with pleasing pay offs. Also, see our review of their Heart Keepsake Box Kit. 8 & up.

Ages: Late Early School, Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award

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