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Ann Williams Craft-tastic Make & Give Heart Bowls

(Ann Williams $17.99)

Making these little glittery bowls takes time and patience between each step as they must dry before you add a second and third layer. That said, the process is neat and clean and when they are done the tiny bowls will hold earrings or rings or grandma’s hearing aids. So they make lovely little gifts. There are enough molds in the kit to make many little bowls.

The kit comes with five different colors of glitter and two bottles of water-based glue to mix into the glitter. It includes seven heart shaped forms as well as a paint brush and clear step by step directions. There are word labels you can attach that say peace, love, joy, etc. But they are not really a must. The little bowls may need some trimming with scissors when you are done and you’ll need plastic wrap to keep your brush and glitter mix from drying out between layers. You’ll also need a toothpick or straw to mix up the batch and a ruler and marker to measure 1/2 half inch on the tiny mixing bowl. Kids can learn about giving as they make holiday gifts with this neat little kit!

It’s marked six and up and we’d say the up is more like 8, although six can do it, they will need some supervision to get the layers done evenly and they will no doubt need more help trimming the edges and getting it off the mold. Don’t get nervous with the un-molding; the material is quite flexible and strong once it is really dried. This is a fun kit!

Ages: Early School, Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2017

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