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Manhattan Toy Twiggies Billy 16”

(Manhattan Toy $13.00)

Now here’s a bunny that should be able to leap...not just hop. Twiggies BIlly has long, long skinny legs covered in knit fabric halfway up and then changing to furry white silky plush to the waist. From there on Billy’s chest is blue and white knit and his head is white plush with extra-long silky white ears. With stitched features, this clutch-able huggable bunny is part of a new collection of other long-limbed critters. Our other fav in this new line is Twiggy Sammy, a greyish/tan deer with a Rudolph red nose and soft antlers.

Ages: 12 months & up

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2018

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