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LEGO Minecraft The Farm College

(LEGO Systems $39.99)

If Mindcraft is big in your child's life, we'd highly recommend trying the real world (plastic) LEGO version. This 549 piece set includes everything for building The Farm Cottage and comes with seven mini-figs (Steve, Alexs, Baby Pig, Donkey, Skeleton Rabbit and Baby Rabbit). And while this not part of the Creator Collection, the instructions give you other builds as well. For a smaller build, look at The Polar Igloo (278) pieces and includes four mini figs (Alex, Stray, Polar Bear and Baby Polar Bear). If you're like our testers -- you'll love the polar bears! If you're shopping for a beginning builder, we'd recommend the Polar Igloo as a good place to start. Both sets are marked 8 & up.

Ages: 8 & up

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2018


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