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Crayola Mini Neon Marker Maker

(Crayola $19.99)

With Crayola’s Mini Neon Marker Maker kids can create their own custom mini markers in a snap and then clip them onto their backpack. Here’s a science toy that gives kids hands-on experience with blending colors. It also calls for step by step sequencing and following directions to complete a task. Exploring how light and distance changes the size and clarity of an image. All of these are learning skills that can be carried into other tasks. The kit comes with three bottles of scented neon inks, blue raspberry, lemon taffy, and red fruit punch. Of course, kids can mix up their favorite neon shade of marker ink. Following the clear directions, kids let the core absorb the ink and then other marker parts together. Add one of the special caps that will turn the marker into a clip-on for the backpack. Kids can make 36 mini markers with this kit and testers say the markers work really well! Marked for 6 and up, we’d say that’s fine with adult supervision, so the neon ink goes into markers. We do think 7s, 8s, and even 9s will like this.

Ages: Early School, Tween

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2018

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