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eeBoo 1000-Piece Puzzles

(eeBoo $19.99 each)

We know, 1000-piece puzzles are way beyond most of our audience. But, these make a great family project that can be done cooperatively over time if you have tweens and teens. Put the pieces and box on a table where members of the family can sit down for a while and then walk away. It’s not going to happen all in one day, but it’s a good way of building on the idea that some things take time and patience and problem solving. eeBoo has designed a number of new puzzles, many with a nod to Mother Nature. We Like the Flower Calendar wth a smiling sun in the center that radiates different flowers for each month of the year. Or consider the colorful Butterflies and Moths, and the very challenging Tree of Life with all kinds of decorative flowers, fruits, and animals. If travel is your thing, look for the charming Paris in a Day puzzle, or if you think 1000 pieces are not enough, try their Wildlife Interior puzzle with 1008 pieces—which features big animal images put together with mighty small puzzle pieces. 10 and up, up, up!

Ages: Teens, Adults, Family Fun

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2019

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