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Bigjigs Toys Park & Play Garage

(BigJigs $130.00)

Bruuum! Brummmm! Drive right in and park your car. Travel by helicopter? No problem. There’s a pad on top for happy landings. This is a well-designed garage with a working elevator that will take vehicles to the top and middle floors. Take the ramp down and fill the tank before driving away. No charging place yet for electric cars, but that should come soon. We liked the quality of this garage with colorful graphics and smooth edges. But be forewarned, it’s not easy to assemble and although the screws look small, it goes together better with a larger screwdriver. If this is a gift, prebuild it AND most of all, be sure to add cars and trucks that will fit in the lift and a small helicopter for landing pad on the rooftop. A photo and text on the corner of the box says that there are no cars inside…but the big picture shows many vehicles. On a more positive note: we’re delighted to see that there is a girl pictured on the box; Yes, a happy sign of the times! 3 and up.

SNAP: An excellent toy for reinforcing language for position words such as up. down, above, below, first floor, second floor, etc. There's a crank that requires some fine motor skills of turning the knob to lift the cars from ground level to the other floors. Add cars and trucks to fit and of different colors, that will add hands on play with the language of color.

Ages: Preschoolers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2019

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