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Colorforms Pets Picture Playset

(Kahootz $19.99 each)

You probably grew up with Colorforms, a classic quiet time play set that invites kids to create their own mini play scenes. The reusable stickers take some dexterity to lift and stick, but once kid get the hang of it, they love arranging and rearranging. In the process, they often begin creating little stories or narrate what they are doing. We like the two Picture Playsets introduced this season. One is a Market Playset with two scenes inside a supermarket that are used as settings for the 200+ Colorform stickers. There are three adults and one child and plenty of food and shopping carts and baskets to go around. Use this for making up stories with your child, using the stickers for expanding their vocabulary. Talk about what you might need to buy for breakfast or a birthday party or dinner. Or consider the Pets Playset with 140+ stickers and 2 scenes. You’ll find a variety of cats, dogs, birds, as well as some critters, such as a raccoon, that’s not exactly a pet. But that said, for young animal lovers, this is sure to make a hit. 3 and up. The pieces in these sets are smaller than the ones in “my First” sets and take more time motor skills.

Ages: Preschoolers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award 2019

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