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Fisher-Price Bounce and Spin Unicorn or Puppy

(Fisher-Price $54.99-69)

A ride-on that's designed to be especially stable, making it easy for toddlers to get on and off. It has no wheels. Instead it’s mounted on a broad platform and toddlers use their legs to make it bounce up and down and turn around. There’s a roller rattle in the easy to grip handle that tots can spin to create a light show and music; plus another that plays the alphabet and counting songs. These lessons, that are supposed to be educational are way beyond babies who have not yet learned to speak, so don’t get into a spin about those lessons. The big learning lessons here come under the heading of “making-things-happen” or cause and effect for beginners. The best part of this toy is that it invites active physical play and helps kids develop their balance and sense of can do power that comes with using their big muscles. One of our tester families reported that their four year old also enjoys riding and singing along with the music. We point out that the weight limit on this is 55 pounds, so it depends how big your preschooler may be. Marked 12 months and up. We’d say save this for toddlers who are steady on their feet, which usually comes months after the first birthday. Bouncing and spinning comes after standing and walking. Available with various creatures...Unicorn, zebra, and the most recent, the Bounce and Spin Puppy.

Ages: Toddlers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2019

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