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Craft-tastic String Art Unicorn

(Ann Williams $19.99)

This should be called the year of the unicorn! These mythological creatures are showing up on toys for every age, including craft kits. This one features two foam canvases; one with a unicorn another with a heart. This is for older kids who have the dexterity and patience to use the complex design and detailed directions. While traditional string art is done with hammer and nails, this is done with push pins, a lot more user friendly. The kit includes: instructions, 2 pre-printed sturdy foam 8.5” canvases, 4 pieces of cardstock, 36 yards of cotton thread, 3 yards of polyester thread, 6.6 yards of acrylic yarn, 100 pins, 1 piece of acrylic felt, and 1 piece of paper. For crafters 10 and up. Sweet spot is more like 12.

Ages: Tweens. Teens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award 2019

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