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Sassy Tummy Time Play Mat with Large Mirror, Cushioned Support Bolster

(Sassy $19.99)

Oval shaped, this black and white mat is designed for photo ops and tummy time. It comes with a cushioned pillow to prop baby on. Since babies spend so much time on their backs, they do need special play times on their tummies, time to strengthen neck, back, and trunk muscles. This mat comes with a see-through rattle with colorful beads inside, a small stand-up mirror, and a big green teething ring. Use it for taking a monthly picture of baby, since the mat is marked with numerals that track your baby’s growth from week to week or month to month. Use the green teething ring to circle the numeral and flip the pillow that says weeks or reverses to say months.Truth be told this is more about photos than long term play time, but it will make for sweet memories.

Ages: Infants

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award 2019


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