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Spin Master Etch A Sketch Diamond Anniversary

(Spin Master $29.99)

We're all long times fans of the original Etch A Sketch. There's always been something quietly satisfying about the action of turning the knobs and disto draw designs inside the bright red frame with two white nobs and then, equally pleasing— shaking it to make the lines disappear and starting over again. We like the classic red frame, but wait till you see the 2020 Diamond Anniversary design! It’s like a black-tie fancied up event—with black jewel textured frame, clear faceted diamond shaped nobs, and a new glitter covered screen. It’s marked 3 and up, that’s only because there are no small parts to swallow, but Etch a Sketch is a better choice for early school age kids who have the dexterity and eye hand skills for this drawing toy.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2020

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