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Mindware MYO Butterfly House Kit

(Mindware $24.95)

We’ve seen bird houses and bird feeders, but never before....a butterfly House Kit! What a novel idea for crafters and early science curiosity. We didn’t know butterflies seek shelter in narrow slit openings as a refuge from rain, or to winter over. This Make Your Own Butterfly House kit requires no tools to assemble a pine wood house, 4.5” x 9. First they assemble the pre-cut wooden pieces, then decorate with the included paints, brushes and a their own creativity for a unique and  personal touch. Includes assembling instructions, paint mixing and brush techniques, tips for properly hanging your butterfly house and ideas for what to put inside to nourish them.  Think of it as a sanctuary to sustain endangered butterflies survive…and thrive! • Includes 12 paints, flat edge paint brush, tapered paint brush, 2 paint sponges, glue, jute cord, poster of butterflies of the world, poster of the lifecycle of the monarch butterfly.

5 & up

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2024


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