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Spinmaster Paw Patrol, Movie Ultimate City 3ft. Tall Transforming Tower

(Spinmaster $129.99)

For preschoolers in the Paw Patrol zone, this has to be the toy of the season. It’s a three-foot tall plastic tower with a transforming light-up rescue ramp. It includes a command center, a vehicle lift, pup elevator, lights and sounds. Kids can replay scenes from the latest movie or show and make up new story adventures on their own. There’s a holographic city map and six action figures, plus a toy car for Chase to get about in. There’s a lot more add-on merchandise all themed from the Paw Patrol. It is a very large piece of plastic, so it’s not a great gift for a small apartment. But kids do get a lot of use from settings where they can play out their creative stories. It’s big enough for a few kids to enjoy together in cooperative play. Kids with active imaginations will not be limited to Paw Patrol scenarios, as they make up adventures or their other pretend figures. 3 and up.

Ages: Preschoolers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2021


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