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Fisher-Price Thomas and Friends Minis Motorized Raceway

(Fisher-Price $34.99)

Thomas & Friends fans will be able to put their MINIS in action on this motorized raceway. When the MINIS reach the top kids can choose to send the engine on the waterfall track and into a 360-degree loop or they can choose the daring jump. We have to say, this is a novelty toy with a fairly limited play agenda. Yes, kids can switch the direction the trains will go, but the track has to be built one way and stays that way. Of course, they can put several MINIS on the track at a time and just for the record this is one of those collectable “buy me-buy me” toys with 80 different engines and themed cars. You can even buy a carrying case to store your collection, a launcher, and packs of 7 trains. This motorized set comes with just two MINIS and takes about 5-10 minutes for an adult to set up. Takes 3 AA batteries. Marked for 3 & up, though we think some 3’s might not have the dexterity to handle the tiny cars. This might be a better choice for 4’s and 5’s.

Ages: Preschoolers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2016

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