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Corolle Mon Classique Interactive Lia Doll

(Corolle $100)

Lia is a really lovable armful. She’s 16 ½ inches long and can wear real newborn clothes. We don’t usually love interactive baby dolls that often are overloaded with too many commands and end up running the show. But Lia has 13 phrases that are not too intrusive. She says “I’m hungry mummy...I love you Mummy...Give me a kiss...Hello Mummy...Night, night...and makes other sounds such as a burp, drinking, or crying if put on her tummy, and a peeing sound when seated on the potty. She has three different bracelets that enable her to speak in four languages English, French, Spanish and Italian. This luxury set comes with a potty seat, a feeding dish, and spoon, a bib, baby bottle, and three bracelets. Takes 3AAA batteries. Like all Corolle dolls she’s vanilla scented and has blue sleep eyes that open and close. 3 & up.

Ages: Preschoolers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2016

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