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Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage Award Pending

(Mattel $199.99)

We gave the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage our Platinum Seal Award a few years ago. We thought that was as big as a garage could get…but what about this? This season there's the Super Ultimate Garage and it’s even bigger and more over more over the top than you might imagine. Mattel says it’s the biggest ever garage and it stands 3 feet high with storage room for as many as 140+ cars. Are there really kids that have that many Hot Wheels? This set includes four more cars to add to their collection plus a massive jet plane that can hold two cars and there's a landing pad on top of the garage. But, the biggest new feature is not the plane or the cars, but the motorized elevator that holds up to 23 cars! It can move the cars up and down to the many levels of the garage. But watch out! There's a massive gorilla that happens to be climbing the tower and tries to knock the cars to the ground! What? Looks like King Kong is back! Good thing, there’s a repair shop where the cars can get a tune up, if they have not been destroyed by the gorilla, and there’s a police station, a drive-up diner and a car wash, as well. And did we mention that there's a side-by side racetrack that runs from the three-foot top of the garage down to the base? What do you do with your old Hot Wheels settings? Not to worry, there are multiple connections where older Hot Wheel sets can be attached and further expand this super-duper set. We're eager to hear what testers think. We know this big set is one for a spacious apartment of playroom. But we're eager to know if Hot Wheels enthusiasts are going to prefer this to the plain old Ultimate Garage.

Ages: Early School

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