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Ann Williams Family Bowl Kit

(Ann Williams $16.99)

Create a keepsake bowl with tiny messages or pictures made by members of the family. This is a nice idea for a family gathering. You won’t want to get all sticky with assembling it on the day of your get-together, but that’s when you get the pieces decorated and signed. Later, after it’s assembled, send a picture to family and friends or use it the next time you gathering…BUT not for food. This is a decorative item that takes time and patience to assemble. The kit includes a plastic form, special glue and foam brush. You need more than a day to get the many layers on the form and allow them to dry. Use permanent markers so the messages won’t slide when you coat them with glue. The directions are clear and although this is marked 6 and up, we’d say that it’s not something a six-year old can do. Just waiting between each drying session calls for more patience six-year olds have. Besides, it’s a pretty sticky project that will turn frustrating for younger kids. We’d say 8 and up is a better idea.

Ages: Late early school, Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2017

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