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Mattel Barbie Ultimate Kitchen

(Mattel $49.99)

Barbie’s miniature kitchen this season is larger than it used to be and comes with sound effects as well as molds for making miniature veggies, pie shell, French fries and other goodies. There’s a press for sandwiches that sizzles and a timer that dings. Push the button on the stovetop and it activates the stovetop light and makes a water boiling sound. Ready for making the fixings with five different dough colors. Of course, all those sounds call for thee AAA batteries. Mattel likes to say that all those veggies are encouraging healthy food habits...but they did not leave out the fries. Best of all, they did not leave out the Barbie doll either. So, this makes a pretty complete play setting. 4-8

SNAP: This will fit on most wheel chair tables or put it on a work space where a wheel chair can be drawn up. We suggest double stick Velcro tape added to the bottom to hold the setting in place. Keep in mind, the food molds call for fine motor skills that may be too challenging for some and a delight for others. It is definitely a major part of the built-in play scene of this kitchen.

Ages: Older preschoolers, Early School Years

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2018

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