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Hape White-Fridge-Freezer

(Hape $119.95)

Beautifully finished with shelves inside and a quiet magnetic latch to hold the door closed, this white wooden refrigerator with a freezer below offers years of pretend play. Kids will love the ice cube machine that’s built into the door, but we need to add a word of caution here. The cubes fit into a choke tube and are not safe for kids who still mouth their toys. It is marked for 3 and up, so Hape is not breaking any rules, but we suspect many will bring this housekeeping prop home for two year olds. IT's fine for twos only if you remove the ice cubes. Our tester said it assembles with ease with a Phillips screwdriver and the Alan wrench, the latter is included. Hape’s assembly directions are clear and easy-to- follow with no power tools are needed. That said, don’t wait for Christmas morning to put it together. 3 & up.


Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2018

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