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Petit Collage Bunny Organic Soft Toys

(Petit Collage $15 and up)

These soft toys are made of organic cotton and are printed with hi contrast patterns for visual interest, have quiet, attention getting sounds and interesting textures to other words, they are designed for sensory learning, the way infants learn about their world. Busy Bunny Activity Doll ($25) with crinkle sounding ears and a carrot that jiggles when you pull it. There are colorful ribbon tabs to finger and a smooth wooden teething ring tucked in Bunny’s arm so it can’t go lost. Bunny Chime Ball ($18) has a jingle bell inside, crinkles in the ears, stitched features and patterns and textures for eye and touch appeal. Unlike most balls it’s not entirely round, but rather flattened like a space ship, so it won’t roll far. That can be a plus for babies who are not yet crawling. Bunny Organic Squeaker ($15) is a good for playing tracking games with a lap baby. The little face with patterns and licks of bright color will attract baby’s gaze and it has an easy to grasp handle that baby will be able to hold when she can reach out and take hold of things. This is soft and safe enough for baby to explore independently even before they have control of jerky arm movements. These organic soft toys also comes in the adorable shape of bears, or cats. We prefer the grab-able long ears of the bunny best.

Ages: Infants

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2018

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