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Djeco Painting with Marbles

(Djeco $24.99)

Remember Shake and Bake? Meet shake and paint! It's a craft kit for making marble painting by putting dabs of paint on three marbles and dropping them into the box that holds a precut animal form. Shake the box from side to side. Count to 10, then count to ten again. Good math practice! Now open the box and see how you like the design. Need more paint? Do it again. Once dried, kids can mount the pictures they made on any of eight colorful backgrounds. The kit includes four squeeze bottle of paint (red, yellow, blue, and green) eight background sheets, three marbles, a box, and eight different animals. Introduce them to the magic of mixing up some orange with yellow and red or purple with the red and purple. There’s a butterfly, elephant, owl, bunny, robin, frog, fawn, and squirrel. Make a book of the animals and encourage children to tell you a story (they can dictate while you print what they say) about each of the animals. 3-6.

SNAP: This can be a satisfying art experience. Mixing colors, counting, and a finished product that they can paste and put on the wall. A satisfying kind of craft kit with a good payoff.

Ages: Preschoolers, Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award 2019

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