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Toy Story 4 Star Command Spaceship

(Disney $79.99)

Buzz Lightyear is having a big year in Toyland and this play set, a Command Spaceship, may be the ultimate Buzz for fans of Toy Story 4. It’s a setting with lights, sounds and intergalactic action for a glow-in-the dark Buzz. A push of the button opens the light up cockpit where Buzz can guide his space ship to adventure. Power it up with rockets that flash with light in take-off. The cockpit is detachable from the space station, which is an exciting play center for a working claw that can lift tools. Buzz can go exploring in the sleek moon buggy or ride around on his quad vehicle with its swivel sonar, to detect approaching meteors or aliens. Takes 3 AA batteries and some dexterity to open and close the settings. Preschoolers can replay scenes from the movie and launch their own imaginary adventures as they use this play setting to create their own stories. We do not usually review products with projectiles and this does have rockets that launch. They are not sharp and don't go far and finally can be removed with out spoiling the play potential.

Ages: Preschoolers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award 2019

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