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Lottie Kid Activist Doll & Inventor Engineer Doll

(Arklu $24.99 each )

We've told you about Lottie Dolls for years and we really want you to know about their very timely Lottie Kid Activist, inspired by real-life kid activist, Mari Copeny. Kids living in cities around the country will recognize this gal and perhaps play out some of their feelings and create their own activist parades with this 7 inch activist Lottie holding her "Kids Voices Matter" sign. Wearing her "stand Up" Jacket, shorts, sneakers and carrying her megaphone, Lottie is ready for inspiring small dramas that kids can spin. We also like the new Inventor Lottie, she's an engineer who arrives dressed for serious work in hard hat and tools and Walk in the Park Lottie with dark hair ;she comes with a little dog. And in this time when so many families are dealing with Covid, you might want to consider, True Hero Lottie, who is going to Hospital; she's not afraid in her super cool cape

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2020

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