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Peaceable Kingdom Shiny Narwhal Floor Puzzle

(Peaceable Kingdom $20.95)

Our testers especially like the novelty of this 42-piece puzzle that in the shape of a  narwhal. The giant pieces come together in the shape of a narwhal that’s 3 feet wide and two feet high. It is a shiny puzzle with shimmery foil pieces.

Among the 42 pieces there is a shiny starfish, a turtle, and a jellyfish. Once they have mastery over putting it together that will find satisfaction in doing it speedily and then they are done.  This is not a once and done toy. We like the sturdy pieces and the box with string handle That the puzzle can be stored in for safe keeping and do it again fun. 3 and up.


Ages: Preschool

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2024


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