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Craft-tastic – DIY Puffy Charms – Craft Kits

(Ann Williams $16.99-$29.99)

They'll find the fixings for making 5 charm bracelets, a charm filled necklace, pencil toppers, and 16 shoe charms for their shoe laces! Crafty fingers with plenty of fine motor tuning will be busy sticking two matching puffy stickers together in order to make 105 little puffy charms. After the charms are made, they need to be hung on the small metal rings. The latter takes some finger power, but it’s totally do-able. The colorful little charms will appeal to early school age kids. It’s a kit that requires visual matching, some care in lining up back and front, patience in placing them on rings and then on bracelet threads or necklace chain. Like so many craft, this calls for patience and some stick-to-it skills. A good choice for play date, since there are enough charms to go around.

Also available, DIY Puffy Charm Palooza, ($29.99) a much larger kit: Puffy Charm Palooza with 249 charms. 7 and up

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award 2019

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