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Do you really need a game that sprays toilet water on the loser?

Okay, I'll admit it. I've been generally obsessed with toy toilets over the years. They're so small - usually for dollhouses. Ask the folks at Lego or Playmobil -- I get really excited when they include a toilet. Barbie's Dream House this year had a toilet that made flushing noises. I kid you not.

So I was very intrigued when we found a toilet game called Toilet Trouble at Hasbro. The game play is much like Russian Roulette. You spin the toilet paper to learn how many times you'll be flushing. As you flush, you place your face over the toilet bowl.

I'm not joking. Watch demo from toy fair below.

By way of background, Hasbro has had great success with the game Pie in Your Face. I get the pie in the face, it's an extension of many cultural touchstones (all the way from I Love Lucy to Jimmy Fallon).

But toilet water? Really? I can't imagine families saying "hey guys, how about bringing out the toilet game" tonight. Is this bathroom humor taken too far?

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