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Innovative Kids America the Beautiful 60-Piece Floor Puzzle

Early school age kids tend to be fascinated with maps. Just as they are beginning the grasp the idea that a word is a symbol for real thing, they are just at the beginning of understand what a map represents. This huge two by three- foot pictorial map of the United States is designed with 60 big pieces with the names of the states and their capitols and the iconic buildings, monuments or products for which they are known. Unlike some map puzzles, the shapes of the states are not cut out to fit together. Several states can appear on a single piece, but that is also a useful way to learn what states border each other. This is marked for 5s and up, we think it’s a better choice for 7s and up. Even using the image on the box, this will take time and probably some help to start. Once it is together, it’s a fun image to talk about. Look for states you and your child may have visited or where you have family or friends. With older children play a game of finding all the states that start with M or N. Find all the states that are on the Atlantic…the Pacific, the Mississippi. You’ll think of other ways, we know.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2018

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