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Horizon Made By Me Make Your Own Unicorn Pillow

(Horizon $12.99)

We get a lot of craft kits marked for younger crafters that are really way beyond beginners. This is marked six and up and it really is for early school aged kids who are getting expert at doing a simple double knot (an important skill for getting those sneakers tied!) This will give the beginning knot maker plenty of practice in a fun way. The pre-made pillow needs no sewing. It’s ready to stuff with fiber that comes in a separate bag with a warning to be sure to stuff the unicorns horn well. After that they fill up the pillow and then the colorful strips of fabric are tied on to make a flowing rainbow of a mane. The little holes for the fabric strips are pre-made and may take some practice in getting them through and even on both sides before they tie the knots. The eyelash and mouth and heart are stick-ons to finish off the project. With the popularity of unicorns, this will no doubt make a hit and rewarding project that will make a nice little pillow for the crafty person’s room.

Ages:Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award 2019

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