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Mindware Deluxe Dig It Up! Excavation Kit

(Mindware $49.95)

As they said in the sixties, “Do you Dig?” Well, there will be no question for the lucky kids who get this deluxe excavation kit. There is an 8” Dinosaur, a giant 4” dinosaur egg with three dinos inside, two rocks with fossils, Jurassic rocks with fossils, 2 prehistoric crystal digs with gems, 1 excavation mat, 3 chisels, 1 hammer, 1 brush, 1 sponge, 1 magnifying glass, 8 collector fact cards and instructions. There’s even 1 explorer vest, 1 explorer hat, so kids can dress up as they excavate these treasures. Like all such kits from Mindware, there’s no worry of flying chips getting into eyes. Before they start digging with the chisels, soak the clay forms in water, put plastic bag on the work surface and dig away until they find the gems, fossils, dinosaurs and a skeleton to assemble. This set is big enough for several digs, or to share on a play date with two or three children.

Ages: Preschool, Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2023


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