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NogginRings Reaching and Grasping Rings

(Smartnoggintoys $18.99) Use this for early interactions, holding it for baby to swat at, reach for and grasp hold of as you play together. This high contrast toy will grab even a newborns visual attention with it's face in the center, and black and white rings and big red ring. It has a soft rattle that will not startle baby. Turn the face and there's a peek-a-boo game you can play as the face disappears and reappears. Once baby begins to reach out and take hold of things, this is a favorite to bat at, grab and explore. Encourages two handed play and exploration with older infants. Newborns to 12 months. Age: Infants. Award Year: 2015. Click here if you want to purchase this product on Amazon. com.

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