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Lamaze Olly Oinker

(Tomy $15.99)

Vivid colors and multiple textures and patterns make this an eye-catching toy toy to hang in the stroller and use for lap time. It has an amusing grunting kind of sound when you give its belly a strong squeeze (something an adult will need to do) and the ears and feet have crinkle sounds. Olly has all stitched features; with especially big, bold black and white eyes to grab a baby’s attention and a heart shaped satiny snout to touch. It also has a half-eaten apple (Olly couldn’t resist) that teethers can gnaw on. As dangly toys go, this one is more interesting than most with lots of sensory opportunities to explore. Newborn and up.

Ages: Infants

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2016

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