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Educational Insights Nancy B’s Mighty Microbes Lab

We suggest this is a fun parent and child activity set and we’re happy to see a girl featured on the packaging of this interesting STEM product. It comes with flasks, Petri dishes, funnel, magnifier, latex free gloves, dropper, tweezers, spreader, and agar packets for making Petri dishes ready. With a journal for notes and steps for experiments that are not done in a day. Parents will need to supervise/do the very first step of boiling up the agar to prepare the Petri dishes for experiments. After that choose the experiments that appeal most. You will need other ingredients for some of the experiments, i.e. a slice of bread for growing molds, sugar and yeast for other ways of testing for microbes, both good and bad. This is marked for 8 & up. The directions are clear, but this does require reading and following directions as well as time. It does not come out of the package ready made; that’s a plus and a fun way to stimulate girls and boys interests in science. 8 & up

Ages: Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2016 Click here to purchase the product from

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