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Klutz Circuit Clay Book & Kit

(Klutz 21.99)

A hands-on and playful way to learn about circuits. Each of the fifteen projects in the book show step-by-step ways that mix art and science; it’s a true STEM choice that makes an abstract idea concrete, real, and entertaining, too. The book comes with five colors of special conductive and insulating clay, 20 LEDS, a battery pack, and fifty paper pieces for decorating clay creations that will light up. Even reluctant readers will dig in to master the directions for making light up UFO’s, spaceships, dragons, astronauts, flashlights and many other items. Marked for 8 & up, we think 8s and even 9s and 10s will need someone to guide them through the first few activities. Once they get the general idea, they will be able to run with it on their own. Unlike so many book/activity sets that are gender specific, this one will appeal to both boys and girls.

Ages: Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2017

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